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RAID is sending hero posts widely. Little heroes, you are warmly welcome!

You are not Huangrong, you are a special you.

You don't have Brother Jing, but you have RAID.

Qiaofeng in the North, Murong in the South,

How can our little RAID heroes be missing here?

RAID’s Heroes List

?Director Dodo led his team to set up Dodo Dinosaur Park in the International Department.

?Cheerleading teams have fought countless battles and achieved many great results.

?Grade 4 and Grade 5 participated in the 15th "FLTRP Cup" English Competition for primary and secondary schools in 2018, which was also fruitful with Class 4 and Class 6 entering the national finals.

?In AMC (Australian Mathematics Competition), young heroes are on the list of winners.

?In the Chinese poetry show, students demonstrated outstanding eloquence with a graceful demeanor.


RAID's Guidebook of Excellence

We aim to become a place where "Hearts of China, Citizens of World" are cultivated.

School Advantages

We are a school with a history of 26 years

Run An Boarding School was founded in 1993, and the International Department (RAID) was also established in the same year. The main job of the International Department was to organize students to go abroad for exchanges and visits between 1993 and 2013. The countries visited include the United States, Britain, Australia, South Korea, Canada and dozens of other countries. It has set up sister school relationship with schools in Germany, South Korea and the United States, and organized many activities concerning foreign affairs. During this period, hundreds of foreign students studied in RAID, and they come from all over the world...

In 2013, RAID began to introduce the IB (International Baccalaureate) program and had the first international class in 2014. The qualifications of IB candidate schools were successfully obtained in 2015. In March 2018, it gained IBPYP (International Baccalaureate Primary School Project) authorization, becoming the first and only local school having IBPYP in Anhui Province. At the end of 2018, it became the only IBMYP Candidate School in Anhui Province to enroll Chinese students. Meanwhile, the high school is introducing the British high school curriculum-the world’s most popular high school curriculum-to create an international passport to progress and success.

RAID is a place where "Hearts of China, Citizens of World" are cultivated, an international school with Chinese and Western characteristics.


In RAID, the Chinese national curriculum is retained and integrated harmoniously into the IB curriculum and framework. Combined with the IB core elements, the O-P-E-N (Integration of Nature and Man) curriculum system constructed with the goal of developing "Hearts of China, Citizens of World" has been greatly recognized by the International Diploma Organization (IBO).

To cultivate Chinese citizens with international mindedness is the unswerving education ideal of RAID. As a true international school, we should let our children recognize and inherit their Chinese cultural identity in their bones, take root in the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, and understand the multicultural world through rich exploring and teaching activities. We should take pride in our hearts of China, give full play to our wisdom and potential, and contribute to the creation of a better world.

Hero post

Target at: school-age heroes G1-G6, G7, G10
Heroes Meeting place: RAID
Date: PM 2:00 27 April 2019
Activity Arrangement:
1、下午1:40 簽到
PM 1:40 Sign in
PM 2:00 Course Exploration (Students)
3、下午3:00 IB課程面對面(家長工作坊)
PM 3:00 IB Course Face to Face (Parents Workshop)

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